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If "The Daily Beast" is to be believed, the press working in Ukraine knows full well that the situation is even worse than they report, but they would lose their press credentials if they reported the truth.


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Good article. I used to read FP but cancelled it a while back, for the reasons you outlined in your explanations. The articles there are no longer objective.

Also, I agree with your thought on Slavs killing Slavs. Tragedy. But for the west, it’s “just” Slavs. The more die now, the weaker Russia / Ukraine will be (especially if a unification is in the cards down the road). The bigger the devastation now, the better for the west - the costlier it will be for Russia.

This is evil.

I suspect that when this war is finally over, nobody will hate America more than Ukrainians.

The mask of the west is off. One can see it in Ukraine, and in Gaza as well. Just thinking of the number of women and children killed there makes me sick to my stomach.

Thank you for your article.

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