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I wrote that overly-long piece back while Trump was still President. My point was that Trumpism the policies are more important than Trump the candidate. But I also made it clear that the establishment GOP was fundamentally hostile to the heresy of Trumpism. Back then I was hoping a new candidate would emerge who could push Trumpism policies. Obviously neither DeSantis nor Haley are this candidate. The only potential candidate today remotely aligned to Trumpism is RFK Jr. I don't know enough about him though. Trump looks like he will win the GOP primary. I have no idea who the Democrats will run but Gavin Newsom seems possible. So we will see if Trump wins how much of Trumpism remains. To be honest, with the current hostility to China, I think on trade at least Biden is pushing Trumpism. Of course on immigration and forever wars he is the exact opposite of Trumpism.

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There appears to be a real proliferation of this type of commentary at the moment. Some might describe it as a veritable army of revisionist commentators, each pronouncing their almost identical verdict on Trump's term in office followed rather too quickly by their unanimous conclusion that Trump shouldn't run in 2024.

A commonly seen template begins with attempts to find meaning and substance in Trump's platform & policies. The commentator generally finds the platform & policies still have merit and are relevant to 2024. Sounds good. Except it doesn't take long before they write a variation of something like "we'll take his policies & platform but leave Trump himself, we don't need him".

These commentators are all too excited to share with you their vision, the smiling lobbiests and GOP operatives posing as ordinary MAGA Americans in front of a vast sunny horizon painted on the backdrop that frames their Post Trump Potemkin village. So excited are they, often they skip over or forget altogether the all important `why?', which bridges the gap between Trump's great policies and `we don't need him'.

Certainly they have a very deep well to draw from in order to tell us why Trump shouldn't win another term after being cheated of it in 2020. I mean we've heard everything. He's rude, he's too divisive, he has two scoops of icecream etc etc. I'm pretty sure, at this late stage Trump supporters have heard it all. I pity the fool who still attempts pushing Trump's ungentlemanly behavior and divisive tweets as reason to dump him. We've already seen the workings of the uniparty, business as usual crew and we applaud anyone who causes them offense while preparing to burn it to the ground.

In case you missed it, someone turned on the house lights. Everyone can see the tawdry props, cheap set and canvas sky. We already know deep pockets are funding various campaigns to stop Trump. It's all so very obvious now. Plus the usual suspects are desperate to keep Trump out, our criminal, corrupt and incompetent intel community, politicised law enforcement, judiciary and the terminally unpopular, serial election cheats the Dems.

The truth is, those who follow MAGA want Trump, he is our selected weapon to bring terrible and swift retribution and unstoppable change to a sick corrupt federal tower of babel. We are a massive majority and we want our nation to thrive in peace. If you stand against this it will become obvious to all that you are part of a small group who must be stopped at all cost because they are leading the nation into a path of enevitable complete destruction.

Only a traitor would choose to oppose Trump and instead support a status quo of rapid national decline. The paid army of commentators churning out anti Trump pieces are doing their part to push the interests of people who have made vast sums from war and human misery. They are determined to continue their grift and corruption until they've extracted everything they can from us. Then they will move on, like parasites to another host. They know Trump will stop them. They may also be starting to realize their golden boy RDS just isn't going to fly. The polls, the real ones show the extent of disinterest in RDS and the rest. Trump is wildly popular.

Imagine if these awful elites who are spending huge amounts to push anyone to defeat Trump, used those funds to benefit the nation. Yes its impossible to imagine. The sooner they are defeated, humiliated and shown how much they are despised by the vast majority, perhaps they'll be encouraged to move to China.

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